50 Birthday Return Gifts under Rs.50

Birthday return gifts under Rs.50

Birthdays are a really special occasion filled with near and dear ones. Apart from the birthday cake and the food, return gifts are a cute way to show gratitude to the people who have come to the event. Let us look at 50 birthday return gifts under Rs.50 for kids.

All of them are available on Amazon India and so it’s faster to ship if you have Prime and it is highly reliable as you can check the reviews before you order.

1. Foldable Sun Glasses

These cute foldable panda-themed sunglasses comes in a pack of 12 and it costs just 300 INR. Cost per piece comes to Rs.25. This pack also comes with ten free printed balloons.

2. Cute Photoframes

Although it comes to around Rs.53 per piece, this is a great return gift for kids and this will definitely be on their tables or shelves with their cute picture.

3. Doodle Boards

Kids love doodling (fancy word for scribbles). This is a really unique gift. This comes in a pack of 30. Your return gift worry is all sorted. It comes to just Rs.52 per piece.

4. Sling Bags

Another purposeful gift that will definitely be loved and used by the kids. The only trouble is with who gets which design as it is an assorted collection. There are separate collections for boys and girls.

24-pack costs 700 which comes to just Rs.30 per piece

5. Pencil Pouch

This cute little pencil pouch is so pretty and useful that it can even be given to adults. It comes in a pack of 6 for Rs.250, roughly Rs.40 per piece.

6. Colorful Yoyos for Girls

7. Super soft plush pouches

These super cute pouches come to Rs.40 per piece. It comes in a pack of 12.

8. Unicorn Pouches

Suitable for girls. Transparent Unicorn pouches that are really cute. Comes to around Rs.41 per piece

9. Classic Criss Cross Game

This classic game helps children develop the presence of mind as well as logical thinking. It comes in a pack of 12 for 460 making it just around Rs.39 per piece.

10. Magic Coil Spring Toy

This cute toy comes to Rs. 42 per piece

11. Teddy Bear Eraser and Sharpener

This useful gift comes in a pack of 20 and it costs just Rs.22 per piece

12. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners are quite the craze recently and you can grab a pack of 20 for just Rs.750 which comes to just Rs.38 per piece.

13. Unicorn Keychains

This comes to around Rs.30 per piece. Cute little unicorn-themed keychains.

14. Unicorn themed Erasers

This cute little eraser comes to just Rs.10 per piece.

15. Storage Box with Key Chain

These cute little storage boxes with key chains come in a pack of 12 for Rs.500. Each piece costs around Rs.42

16. Minion Pens

For the minion fans in the house, here is a collection of Minion pens. It comes in a pack of 12 for Rs.300 costing just Rs.25 per piece.

17. Cartoon Stationery Pouch

A pack of 12 costs Rs.360 which comes to just Rs.30 per piece.

18. Animals Pencil Toppers

It comes to just Rs.20 per piece and comes in a pack of 20 for Rs.400

19. Cute Goodie Bags for Chocolates

If you are game with giving candies and chocolates as a part of return gifts, these cute goodie bags will be a great pick. It comes to roughly Rs.7 per piece.

2o. Plush Smiley Keychains

Everyone loves emojis and kids are no exception. Plush smiley keychains come at around Rs.40 per piece.

21. Kaleidoscopes for Kids

This is a really interesting return gift for kids. It costs Rs.52 (little over our budget) but it’s quite the favorite.

22. Emoji stamps for Kids

Each piece costs Rs.19 and it is a unique gift that will be used a lot by the kids.

23. Photo prop + Pen + Hand Fan

This return gift is a 3-in-1 as mentioned in the title. It costs just Rs.24 per piece.

24. Metal Tin Case Pouch

This gift is suitable for both kids and adults. The usage may vary but this is really a useful gift. It is well-designed and hence it is a little over our budget at Rs.54 per piece.

25. Assorted Erasers

A pack of six costs Rs.250 which makes it around Rs.41 per piece.

26. Pikachu Cute Erasers

Each eraser costs exactly Rs.50 and it comes in a pack of 6

27. Assorted Vegetable Erasers

It comes in a pack of 12. The cost of a piece works out to around Rs.29

28. Design Rulers for Kids

Remember those days when we used to buy stencil rulers now and then and write alphabets in different styles over and over again. It’s time for our kids to explore the same.

These design rulers come in pack of 12 and costs around Rs.25 per piece.

29. Popcorn Pencil and Eraser

Each one costs around Rs.20 and it comes in a pack of 36.

30. Assorted Stationery Kit

This kit comes as a pack of 12 costing Rs.386 which makes it Rs.32 per piece.

31. Unicorn Sling Bags

Soft plush cute unicorn print sling bags. It comes a little above our budget at Rs. 54 per piece.

32. Unicorn Gel Pens

Each pen costs just around Rs.20 and it comes in a pack of 12.

33. Invisible Magic Pens

This return gift will make the kids go wow. Each pen costs just Rs.30 and it comes in a pack of 20.

34. Water Color Palette for Kids

Although it looks expensive, it comes to only Rs.48 per piece. This comes in a pack of 24.

35. Pencil Box with Stationery

Costs exactly Rs.50 per box and come in a pack of 24.

36. Animal Finger Puppets

Each puppet costs Rs.28 and comes in a pack of 10.

37. Animal Keychains

One keychain costs Rs.29 only and this comes in a pack of 10.

38. Small wild animal toys

A set of 30 pieces costs just Rs.500 and a single piece comes to only Rs.17

39. Superhero Eye Mask

It comes in a pack of 12 and the price of a single mask is around Rs.21

40. Cartoon Printed Bags

The cost of a bag comes to Rs. 26 and it comes in a pack of 12.

41. Pokemon Sack Bag

The cost of a bag comes to around Rs.41 and it comes in a pack of 12

42. Icecream Erasers for Kids

These cute ice cream erasers come in a pack of 12 and the cost of a single piece works out to around Rs. 19

43. Assorted Pencils with Erasers

These cuties come in a pack of 24 and costs Rs.330. Cost of a single pencil costs around Rs.14

44. Burger Sharpener with Eraser

Pack of six costs Rs.300 and so it is exactly Rs.50 per piece.

45. Stacking Pen Erasers

It comes in a pack of 36. The cost of a single piece comes to around Rs.13

46. Animal Eraser Toys

This adorable 30 piece animal eraser set will definitely be a super hit amongst the little ones. The cost of a single piece comes to around Rs.18

47. Animal Soft Sponge Balls

These cute soft sponge balls come to around Rs.31 per piece and come in a pack of 24.

48. Stack Pencil Set for Kids

Pack of six costs Rs.300 which makes it Rs.50 per pencil set.

49. Cartoon Erasers

Pack of six costs 166 which comes to around Rs.27 per piece.

50. Slime Pack for Kids

A Great Intelligent Plasticine Toy For Kids, Rich Colors, Develop Kids’ Creativity And Imagination. Comes in a pack of 12 and cost comes to around Rs.26 per piece.

Hope you found the list useful. We will keep this post updated with more useful and unique return gift ideas.

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