26 Gifts for Cricket Lovers

Gifts for cricket lovers

Cricket is a religion in India. Here are our top gifts for cricket lovers. If your friend or loved one is crazy about Cricket, it is best to choose from the curated list of presents for cricket lovers.

Most of the Indian men of today grew up playing Cricket every day and any gifts related to Cricket will make them very happy and remind them of their glorious childhood.

Let’s get into the list of presents for cricket lovers and fans.

All these gifts are on Amazon and you can count on it’s reliability in terms of quality as well as delivery. Also, we have spent the time to shortlist only the good looking ones thereby saving you time.

1. God of Cricket T-Shirt

What’s cricket without Sachin Tendulkar? For every ardent fan of Sachin Tendulkar, this t-shirt is a must-have.

sachin tendulkar t-shirt
sachin t-shirt

2. Cricket Mug

This cute cricket mug is definitely a collectible and it will bring back a lot of cricketing memories.

gifts for cricket lovers

3. Cricket – table decor clock

This doubles up like a clock as well as cricket memorabilia.

gifts for cricket lovers

4. I Love Cricket Mug

The classic “I love cricket” mug that conveys your friend’s love for cricket as is.

gifts for cricket lovers

5. Cricket wall decal

Home is where we catch every match along with friends and family. Why not make your living room resonate your love for cricket? This wall decal is designed to do just that.

Gifts for Cricket Lovers

6. OCD T-shirt

For the obsessive cricket fans in the house, this OCD t-shirt is a tribute.

gifts for cricket lovers

7. A Billion dreams – Sachin mobile case

Who can forget the moments when Sachin hits a century? When he raises his bat towards the audience, it gives us goosebumps though we are thousands of miles away in our home.

This mobile case captures that moment like no other.

8. Cricket Kit Bag with MS Dhoni’s Autograph

This is for the ones who take their personal game seriously and still play cricket whenever they find the time. This bag can double up as a hiking backpack as well. For MS Dhoni’s fans, this is an easy pick.

gifts for cricket lovers

9. Cricket Ball – Red Leather

It’s always a great feeling when you hold the red leather ball in your hands. This is a perfect gift for a cricket lover for playing as well as a collectible that can be on their work desk.

gifts for cricket lovers

10. Born to Bat Coffee Mug

This is pretty true for most of the men who spent their evenings playing cricket. We always think about the ‘if-only’ part and continue working every day. This mug sums up our emotions and it is a perfect gift for a cricket lover.

Presents for Cricket Lovers

11. Cricket Ball Shrink Bottle

This gift is good for the planet too. These are lightweight, made of silicone and much better than carrying a plastic bottle of water to the ground. And the best part, it can shrink to a smaller size thereby saving space and light to carry.

12. Evolution of Cricket Coffee Mug

13. Cricket Card Game

Every cricket lover of today has owned Cricket cards in his childhood. Rekindle the memories of playing a cricket card game by gifting this unique gift for cricket lovers in your life.

14. Cricket Sipper Bottle

This classy silver themed sipper bottle can be a cool style statement for your batsman friend.

15. Virat Kohli Wall Poster

16. CSK Special Water Sipper

For the CSK fans in the house, this is the perfect gift.

17. Cricket Definition Poster – Funny

18. Sachin’s Biggest Fan Mug

Easy pickings for any fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Fan of Cricket = Fan of Sachin. You can never go wrong.

19. Dhoni Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is a perfect gift for Dhoni fans.

20. Kohli Coffee Mug

Run Machine. King of the Chases. This coffee mug is a perfect gift for a Kohli fan.

21. Cricket Ball Coasters

Whatever be your coffee mug, this cricket ball coaster is the best one you can ask for.

22. Dhoni Sipper Bottles

23. World Cup-winning shot poster

If there is one frame that is etched forever in every Indian Cricket fan, it is this. The winning shot at the 2011 Word Cup by MS Dhoni.

24. Test of my Life by Yuvraj Singh

Easily the most inspiring Indian Cricketer in the past decade. Perfect gift for a Indian Cricket fan.

25. Sachin Tendulkar Designer Notebook

26. Sachin Tendulkar Autobiography

This is an inspiring book for anyone and if it’s a cricket lover, it is even more exciting to read the journey of the God of Cricket.

Hope you enjoyed this list of presents for cricket lovers. This article will be updated once in a while with newer gift ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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